Research & Development

Pharmotech SA focuses its Research and Development (R&D) in the phytopharma world, especially on cannabinoids and on their possible pharmacological applications. We have the best and vastest laboratory just around us: Nature. It is fascinating for us to re-discover its secrets. Switzerland is a country with several positive facets, being one of them its ... to read more click here.

CBD scientific Studies and publications

cbdDear reader, we hope that this list of publications about cannabinoids and the pharmacological effects of CBD and other cannabinoids, can help you understand the real potential of this new chemical entity. Pharmotech SA is constantly striving to keep its expertise and information up-to-date and will simultaneously inform on this platform our readers on the most important discoveries on the CBD applications. In this subsection we maintain a current list of links on the most important scientific studies on cannabinoids in medicine just click here.