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ACTISKIN CBD (1% CBD) is a natural, organic and certified new skin lotion product, containing Cannabidiol (CBD), Organic Cannabis Seed Oil and Organic Pumpkin Oil. The CBD is inserted into a lamellar liquid crystal emulsion that promotes a gradual release of water and CBD, maintaining a balanced hydration, elasticity and softness of the skin.

Antioxidant – Antiseborrhoeic – Skin conditioning – Skin protecting 

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Rebalances the skin tissue thanks to the combined action of the emulsifier structure, and of the active substances it contains. The resulting emulsion with an emulsifier poliglicerico built on Organic Pumpkin Oil and a triglyceride, is in a lamellar structure and a liquid crystal form. Due to its conformation, is capable of storing water, and release it over time, which favors the tissue hydration. The Organic Hemp Oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega3 and 6), has an important topic value and together with the water release balances the hydro-lipid film. Technically it is able to modulate the physiological loss of water. Improving the hemodynamic flow: on one side it oxygenates and brings energy to the tissue, on the other it seizes metabolic waste, preventing inflammation. Defends and protects the skin. The antioxidant action by acting on different types of free radicals (ROS/RCS/RNS/RTS), blocks them and counteracts the effects, counteracting and preventing metabolic disorders and inflammatory conditions that can threaten the structural integrity and functional efficiency of skin tissue. Repairs the skin tissue the high content of essential fatty acids, about 80% gives the product a trophic effect. Stimulating the activity of fibroblasts, in the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, can fight skin aging, and associated discomfort, and promote the repair of tissue, making it more elastic and vital.

Application method: there is no limits for use. You can apply it directly on the skin or on the injured party. Massage and leave to absorb by the skin. The effect after the application is pleasant, with an excellent dry skin feel, soft and velvety. The emulsion can be easily applied in any area of the body.

Physics and allocation form: Emulsion of oil-based in pure laboratory water with medium to high viscosity. Actiskin CBD is presented in a 30ml plastic tin.

Concentrations of CBD and storage: 1% CBD. Do not expose to sunlight. The product intact and properly stored could be conserved for a period of 12 months from opening. Keep in dry places.

Production and QMS: All our products are produced in Switzerland in a 100% controlled environment (clean room), adding a guarantee of quality and safety to the product. The Quality Control System (QMS), dictates that we perform strict controls on all raw materials as well as our products before commercialisation. We determine the title, the residues of heavy metals and other tests. Our products are conditioned according to the Swiss Federal laws on foodstuffs and cosmetics (OSAV).


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Warnings: Although extremely rare, it is possible that in some individuals an allergic reaction occurs due to the nature of the vegetable product. In this case discontinue the usage and contact an allergist and the producer. Don’t shallow and do not give to children. It does not contain any THC, PEG, pesticide, herbicide, GMO products, preservatives or any other form of additives. It is not tested on animals.

DISCLAIMER: this product is not intended to diagnose treat, cure,  or prevent anydisease. Do not eat. 


Actidiol THC (THC 0.8% and CBD 6.4%)

Actidiol Phytocomplex (THC 0.2% and CBD 4%)

Actidiol CBD (5/10/15/20%)

Actidiol PET CBD (for veterinary use)

Actiskin CBD (CBD 1%)

Actiskin RESCUE 

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