A little of philosophy…

Before being a CEO, a CFO or any other title, we are humans first. Yes, we do business, yet we strive to expand global consciousness through handling with our hearths, love and full awareness of each action we take. We create our here and now with passionate commitment to you. With fairness and ethics we harness and bring you the healing power of nature. We flirt with nature to shape a healthy you.


Rodin AESCHBACH – CEO – Founder

As CEO, I ensure that all members of the Pharmotech’s team, including myself, are aligned with our company’s philosophy, scientific and financial goals. I, alongside the others, are committed in achieving our mission for developing and providing the best natural based products available on the market. We build trust with our clients, shareholders and key partners through our outstanding products. honesty and overall vision. My vast experience in accounting and the financial world, has given me the analytical mind to set a strategy direction, analyze challenges and find the most viable and profitable course for the company.

I dedicate a part of my life to grow personally and spiritually. I strongly believe in the triple nature oh human being. Body – Soul – Spirit. I like to, learn, exchange and transmit to others.


Raffaello PURA – Business Development

Co-Founder with decennial experience in Swiss Banking, specially in wealth management, accountancy, real-estate and trading. He is a natural born business developer. He has spontaneous approach to people. 

For many years I’ve been involved in phyto medicine and finance. Health and Wealth. I am now certain that health and healthcare are much more important topix and arguments to be explored.


Cornelia CAMARA PhD. – Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Biochemist with over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and over 10 years of experience in the fields of medical devices and food supplements. Main expert fields: pharmaceutical, medical device and food supplement regulatory affairs (Switzerland, Europe and US), manufacturing and quality, clinical trial operational and Swiss legal representation



Cesar SERNA PhD. – Head of R&D and Production

Scientist with more than 9 years’ experience in skin health bioengineering. 5 years in close collaboration with world top leading pharma and cosmetic companies. Expert in transdermal absorption: simple and complex topical formulations (transdermal patches, solutions, gels, microemulsions…), chemical and physical penetration enhancement techniques (iontophoresis, electroporation laser microporation), skin biodistribution.