TERRAE – Natural Antiaging – Aging Prevention


Another exceptional brand-new product is now available exclusively here at Pharmotech SA. This is a revolutionary, all organic and natural Swiss-Made anti-aging and aging preventing cream.



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Best Swiss and European quality and prices!

  • Terrae with CBD 30ml: 85.- EUR (not for Swiss market)
  • Terrae 30ml: 70.- CHF




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Pharmotech SA is proud to introduce to you and directly from Mother Earth; “Terrae“. By the special request of one of our enthusiastic clients, we have developed and created a brand-new natural anti-aging cream with truly exceptional characteristics.


Terrae significantly reduces majors signs of aging as well as improving the appearance of your skin day after day. The cream helps boost the skins’ natural renewal process at exactly the right time, leaving it looking more youthful, smoother, younger, hydrated, rested and toned. 

Powerful healing and rejuvenating skin, stimulates collagen production, prevents skin aging and skin relaxation, activate micro-circulation, tonic. repairs damaged skin stretch marks, burns, sores, preventive and curative, UV, stress, pollution. Function as a tonic and astringent. Brightens the color and purifying the skin. For devitalized and mature skins. 

The elixir completely replenishes the skins’ natural moisture level, recovering its radiance and softness through a blend of 100% naturally derived ingredients.

DESCRIPTION: the formulation of Terrae includes five Indian Ayurvedic natural active ingredients (5’000 years of Indian wisdom), mixed with three organic essential oils and enriched with our superior CBD extract, that cannot miss the show.

We didn’t need to add any artificial fragrance to the cream, because, due to the Indian roots, Terrae already has a natural and incredible pleasant earthy aroma. We firmly believe that we will obtain a worldwide success with this revolutionary cream. 

Terrae is the first ever cannabinoid based cosmetic anti-aging cream produced. A natural and organic product made with the renown Swiss high standards.

Ingredients: Phyllanthus Emblica, Eclipta Prostrata, Gotu Kola, Rubia Cordifoglia, Aloe Barbadensis, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Rubus Idaeus Oil, Calendula Oil, Cannabidiol.

All our ingredients are natural and organic.


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