Who is Pharmotech SA

Pharmotech’s focus is research and development (R&D) in phytopharma world. The patent on CBD (cannabidiol) new applications we have deposited is a proof of evidence of our ability. Pharmotech SA want to become in the next years, a leading worldwide player in the global production of pharmaceutical products cannabinoids based. Today we offer leading products in the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical sector. Our products are natural, organic, produced and controlled thought pharmaceutical standards of GMP and ISO.

Pharmotech SA will bring novel valuable medicines as prescription medicines to market  providing patients, with serious conditions, a real difference to their quality of life. Through the future development & commercialization of a first quality genetic of cannabis, we will completely have the vertical control of our total production, maximizing the value of its products. Our main goal is to ensure continuity and reproducibility of the method and of quality of production: STANDARDIZATION.

Pharmotech Team