Products & Technology

Pharmotech has a completely new Cosmetic Department

We are a team of cosmetic specialist with more than 30 years of experience. We have a very large list of  formulations, 14 based on Niosome.  Technologies ready to be modified on your best wishes.



Pharmotech is able to offer you

  • Swissness: research, quality and reliability
  • Broad pipeline products (CBD, Niosome, Micelle)
  • White label or tailor-made solution (products with Pharmotech label are only for exportation)
  • Regulatory and testing solutions
  • Formulations development
  • Selection of high quality Active Ingredients, Technologies and Packaging
  • Production GMP/ISO facility for Cosmetic, Medical Devices, Injectables, Biocides, Food


Pharmotech’s Actives and Technologies 

Hemp derivatives: sourced from selected suppliers working in compliance with international quality standards 

Niosome (CBD or synthetic):  Regulatory compliance is verified according to international standards manufactured in Switzerland and Europe

Micelle fast absorption:  Regulatory compliance is verified according to international standards manufactured in Switzerland and Europe

CBD is of natural origin and manufactured in Switzerland

Organic Hemp seed oil: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is of natural origin made in Europe 


Pharmotech’s products pipeline 

CBD oils – Natural CBD

  • Actidiol CBD 5%
  • Actidiol CBD 10% 
  • Actidiol CBD 15%
  • Actidiol CBD 20% 
  • Actidiol Phytocomplex 4% CBD 0.2% THC
  • Actidiol Pet CBD 2%
  • Actidiol Pet CBD 5%

Dermal line – Natural CBD

  • Actiskin CBD 1% Day (light)
  • Actiskin CBD 1% Night (thick)

Daily skin care – Niosome

  • Eye Serum 
  • Facial Serum 
  • Foam Mask 
  • Hand Cream 
  • Spray Mist 

Dermal line – Niosome

  • Face Cream (day & night) 
  • Cream Plus 
  • Relaxing Emulsion Body Lotion 
  • Dermal Foam 

Oral care – Niosome

  • Tooth Paste
  • Mouth wash 


Production and selling conditions, depending of the SKU

MOQ: from 30kg to to be defined 
LEAD TIME first prod. 60 to 90 days, re-order 45 to 60 days
PAO: 12 months
PIF: declaration + risk assessment
With Pharmotech label: only for exportation
White label: possible
Tailor made formulation: natural CBD or synthetic or natural niosome

Please enquiry with us to know MOQ, prices and tailored services conditions.



Disclaimer and Warnings. This product is not intended to diagnose treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Although extremely rare, it is possible that in some individuals an allergic reaction occurs due to the nature of the vegetable product. In this case discontinue the usage and contact an allergist and the producer. Do not give to children.


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