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Actidiol THC (THC 0.8% and CBD 6.4%)

Actidiol Phytocomplex (THC 0.2% and CBD 4%)

Actidiol CBD (5/10/15/20%)

Actidiol PET CBD (for veterinary use)

Actiskin CBD (CBD 1%)

Actiskin RESCUE 

Terrae (anti-aging, aging-preventing)


- Shipping cost, in Switzerland above CHF 200.- purchase, are offered by Pharmotech SA.

- Our products do not contain any THC*, PEG, pesticide, herbicide, GMO products, preservatives or any other form of additives. It is not tested on animals.

- Warnings: Although extremely rare, it is possible that in some individuals an allergic reaction occurs due to the nature of the vegetable product. In this case discontinue the usage and contact an allergist and the producer. Don’t shallow and do not give to children.

- DISCLAIMER: this product is not intended to diagnose treat, cure,  or prevent any disease. Do not eat

*Actidiol Phytocomplex contains 0,11% of THC
 *Actidiol THC contraint 0.8% of THC