Pharmotech SA focuses its Research and Development (R&D) on the potential application of cannabinoids as antibiotic agent against Multi Drug Resistant bacteria (MDR-MRSA) as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (PA).

We have the best and vastest laboratory just around us: Nature. It is fascinating for us to re-discover its secrets.

Switzerland is a country with several positive facets, being one of them its topnotch worldwide recognized Universities and laboratories. For this reason Pharmotech SA is conducting its R&D in collaboration with Swiss Primary Scientific Institutions. During our last R&D protocols we confirmed some of CBD’s already suspected pharmacological properties and we have additionally found a totally new one. This discovery will certainly help elevate the quality of life of millions of people world wide. Pharmotech SA is conducting its R&D with the main target being the creation of a number of natural CBD based drugs. 

To translate scientific discoveries from the lab bench to the clinic, Pharmotech SA will use proof-of-concept clinical trials to obtain clinical data (small scale studies used to get an early read on a drug’s safety and effectiveness) to help find and advance the most promising drug candidates. These proof-of-concept studies often focus on treating well-defined disease.

Pharmotech SA since 2014 continues actively its R&D program and is following all the steps needed to go on the market. The subjects of the studies are reserved. 


Pharmotech Team

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